Monday, April 30, 2007

Making a Greener Organic Connection

Enjoying the prepared foods from Organic Connection's Organic Deli Bar? Have you tried one of our organic smoothies or juice? Yes, we know the fruit & drink quality is excellent & delicious, but what about the packaging?

It is surprising to see how many take-out containers and cups we go through at Organic Connection. But, we are working on ways to reduce our environmental impact.

The majority of the take-out containers that we use are made from vegetable-based materials and are greenhouse gas neutral in their production. Most notable are the clear 'plastic' deli containers - they're made from corn; they're compostable; and they contain no petroleum ingredients. Similarly, our cutlery is made from potato starch.

Small things. Small steps. Little efforts. One by one they can positively add up and make a difference.