Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's Happening Next Door?

The owners of the building where Organic Connection is located, have finally received approvals and commenced redevelopment of the shopping plaza. The entire strip will be given a make over with an impressive new facade in addition to a new roof and fitting out of the vacant store spaces. A rendering of the new design is posted in our window.

Organic Connection will be expanding into some of the new space. We plan to use the additional area for restaurant type seating plus the creation of some store within a store concepts including a comprehensive organic clothing, bedding & linen department store, and an Eco-Home store that will be offering natural paints & wood finishes and other eco & health positive home goods.

Additionally, we'll have a community room in which we will be offering workshops & presentations and showing documentaries. The space will also be available for some group events and extra space for our restaurant. The space will also be used as an art gallery showing and offering photography & artwork by John Diamond, M.D. - created for the specific purpose of enhancing our Life Energy.