Monday, October 29, 2007

Complaint against Mushroom Company for Organic Standards Violations

Last week, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) requested that the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (NOP) initiate an investigation into violations of organic standards allegedly committed by a mushroom production company based in California. A formal complaint from GAP was submitted earlier today against Golden Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. (GGM) of San Diego County.

According to documents acquired by GAP, the specialty mushroom company may have violated organic standards and public confidence in several ways, including:

  • The sale of conventional mushroom products as organic
  • The manipulation of organic certification documents
  • Making false claims regarding the nature and origin of its mushroom products.

"Every violation of the standards reduces public confidence in the organic label. It is critical that the National Organic Program thoroughly investigate complaints and weed out any bad actors now while the program is still young," says Jacqueline Ostfeld, GAP Food and Drug Safety Officer.

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