Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shopping Bags - An Eco-Dilemma

As a conscientious eco-business, we've been considering the ways that we can minimize the environmental impact from the consumables provided in our store. It is staggering to realize the quantity and cost of grocery bags and take-out containers that we provide to our customers.

Paper? Plastic? What are the better options? Perhaps as our customers you can help us.

Paper. We offer unbleached paper grocery bags. A nice natural resource, but a lot of energy is used to produce these, often, single-use items. We love it when customers bring them back to the store to re-use.

Plastic. We're currently using plastic bags that are bio-degradable. These are less expensive to purchase than paper, but are produced from petroleum. We love it when customers being them back to the store to re-use.

What about multi-use bags? At recent trade shows we've attended we've seen numerous offerings of re-usable bags. This includes strong polyester shopping bags that are now being offered by many natural food stores. Great, they're re-usable many times - but they're still made from plastic. So, we thought about it and we think we've gone a few steps better.

How cotton bags? Better still - how about Organic Cotton shopping bags? Well, we've got them. They were made for us in India using organic cotton. And they're great - strong, pretty and practical. We hope you'll love them and come back with them many, many times.