Monday, November 26, 2007

Who makes sure organic means organic?

By Alan Gionet, CBS4 Denver, Nov 22

If you get a taste of ice cream from Bliss Organic Ice Cream in Boulder, you're getting the product of an entire stream of organic products and inspections.

"We have to fill out a lot of paperwork," owner Kim Troy said. "And we have to prove every year that we are organic. We have to keep track of all our lot numbers. We have to keep track of all our certifications. We have to prove that every single pint of ice cream can be followed."

That means keeping some things separate in their shop, which also sells some items that aren't considered organic.

"So we have to have separate bins, separate containers, separate shelving, separate refrigeration for all of our organics," Troy said.

Troy pays over $2,000 a year to get the inspectors from the Colorado Department of Agriculture to take a look at her operation, study it and give her the right to use the symbol that says, "Organic."

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