Monday, November 26, 2007

The Gullible Jennifer Garner Flu Shot Campaign

By Byron Richards, Wellness Resources, Nov 14

Flu shots remain a subject of intense controversy. Vaccinations of all types remain the centerpiece of the public health herd-mentality paradigm. Just wait until the Avian flu comes, then you will see public health at its finest. Yes, there will be police-state forced vaccinations with experimental vaccines and no right of recourse if you are injured. Thanks to our generally brain-dead Congress the laws are already on the books.

Vaccines have a long and tarnished history, along with an element of workability - which is why there is a controversy. Louis Pasteur is the grandfather of the vaccine-for-profit industry, the creator of the first vaccines (rabies, anthrax, and smallpox) with the financial backing of industry. He had his research records sealed for 50 years after his death, and when they were finally reviewed he was found to be a liar and dishonest scientist. He routinely discarded experiments that didn't prove his vaccine theory and even lied about the kind of vaccines he was using because the technical merit of his work was flawed.

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