Saturday, June 23, 2007

Help Organics to Grow

Are you satisfied with having just 3% of the fruit you eat free of potentially dangerous pesticides? How about 2% of vegetables? Or less than 0.02% of corn?

Right now, those are the percentages of organic produce available in grocery stores. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) Action Fund is working with Congress to make sure organic farmers get their fair share of federal funds to improve access to healthy alternatives. You can help right now by signing our their Grow Organics petition.

Despite terrific gains in organic farming, the numbers are just too small to lessen agriculture's impact on public health and the environment. By signing the petition, you will be urging Congress to:

  • Improve your family's access to safe food that is free of harmful pesticides and hormones.
  • Help more farmers make the transition to organic farming.
  • Level the playing field for the organic industry by devoting a fair share of resources to organic pest control and crop nourishment