Monday, February 19, 2007

Organic Artisan Cheeses

Organic Connection proudly offers the most discerning selection of quality, organic cheeses from artisan cheesemakers.
What are the important features for consideration?

  • Certified Organic - all except one of our cheeses;
  • Raw Milk - preferred, as it retains the beneficial enzymes of the milk; must be aged more than 60 days;
  • Artisanal - made either "on farm" or in hand batches;
  • Exceptional Flavor - it's exciting that organic artisan cheeses are flavor superb!

We have delicious raw milk, cave-aged cheeses from Clover Mead Farm in the Adirondacks.
We have superb raw milk goat cheeses from Berle Farm of Hoosick Falls, NY.
We have incredible authentic, organic cheeses from Europe - parmigiano from Parma; Brie, Muenster & Roquefort from France; Gouda from Holland.
And we have also have a herd (five, no less!) of organic sheep cheeses from Italy.