Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Food Ideas

Our Dinner with The Farmer was a wonderful social and culinary experience for our dining clientele on Saturday night.

As seems to be a common happening at our dinner nights, groups of our customers greeted each other and then chose to sit together when they'd never met before. It's quite remarkable and wonderful.

The Dinner Menu featured beef, pork and chicken dishes with the meat produced on Herondale Farm in Columbia County. Jerry & Iva Peele of Herondale Farm were guests for the evening and shared information about their farm with other guests.

With the festive season of this month we can now offer some wonderful organic meat choices to highlight your holiday dinners:

  • Herondale Farm Beef - plenty of roasts from which to choose
  • Herondale Farm Pork - plenty of roasts from which to choose
  • Herondale Farm Pastured Chicken
  • Eberly's Organic Duck
  • Eberly's Organic Turkey - Whole & Breasts
  • Organic Smoked Hams
  • Australian Legs of Lamb - not organic

Please feel welcome to call and discuss your specific needs.