Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fruity Notes


Many home delivery customers who have ordered from us in pasy years are sure to remember the superb biodynamic grapes that we get at this time of the year.

Marian Farms in California produce these excellent little Thompson Seedless grapes that are bursting with sweet flavor. The season is has limited duration so don't be disappointed when they run out.

One of the significant differences between US organic standards and those in Europe (& Australia) relates to the use of Giberellic Acid (a.k.a. Giberellin), a plant hormone that is injected into grapevines to improve yield. The US standards allow it - hence the prevalence of large elongated grape berries.

Marian Farms, with their adherence to BioDynamic farming principles, do not use Giberellin. So, their grapes have smalled berry sizes but much stronger in flavor intensity and sweetness.


Are seedless watermelon manipulations of nature by people of evil disposition? No, not all. Like all commercial plants, various characteristics are specifically promoted through seed selection. Seedless watermelon are produced commercially for consumers who cringe at the thought of encountering a watermelon seed (is it true that if you swallow a seed that a watermelon will grow in our stomach?).

But, in seeking a seedless watermelon something was forgotten along the way - umm, flavor would be nice. So, we're saying goodbye to seedless watermelon. We have a bin load of deliciously sweet, ripe and juicy watermelons with seeds (let's have a seed spitting contest). And perfect for the next week of warm, sunny weather. And, we almost giving them away for 50 cents a pound. No extra charge for the seeds.