Monday, January 29, 2007

Solving Global Warming: It Can Be Done

It took six years but President Bush finally said "climate change" in a State of the Union speech.

Unfortunately, he left out the magic words that could save us: "mandatory limits on global warming pollution." And we can't afford to wait one more day -- much less two more years -- for this president to see the light.

Scientists are telling us loud and clear that if we don't act now to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the window of opportunity will soon shut forever, and the outcome will be devastating.

However, we have solutions in hand right now to drastically cut global warming pollution. Act now -- put clean, innovative energy technologies to use, and enact policies to encourage their rapid, widespread adoption -- and we can stop global warming in its tracks. Instead of nearly doubling U.S. global warming pollution by 2050, we can cut it in half.